Friday, August 2, 2019


  Here I am again at the beautiful Piers Park with Kaya, Fatima, Colin, Che and Damani. Being at Piers Park has been such a wonderful experience. Every day I get to come here and meet some truly special kids and staff. Every day I come we start the day off by setting up the materials like the rods, baiting the hooks and putting bait in the traps. Once all that is done we move and come back up from the dock to play some games with the kids. Usually we play games like sharks and minnows, everybody’s it, a big round of quack-à-dilly oh my, and shipwreck. It’s a really good way to start of the day because the kids really enjoy playing and everybody gets very into it and very engaged. We all play but the kids are so energetic and fast that we stand no chance and usually get tagged out. Soon after, the kids are lined up and head to their tent to get life jackets and receive a reminder of the rules they need to follow. Once they came down to the dock they are asked whether they want to go sailing or fishing. It is often an even divide and those who want to go fishing really enjoy it. Although once in a while they are a little anxious and kept bringing the line up every few seconds.  Overall, they really enjoy themselves, most of all they enjoy bringing up the traps. The kids are truly something: they are energetic, funny, and just fun to spend time with and get to know. However, this week we saw a dead fish floating in the water, so Damani and I decided we should try to catch it—so that we did. At first, all the kids were very into it. They wanted one of us to cut the fish open so they could see what was inside, so I volunteered as tribute. I put on some gloves, took the fish in my hand, and stuck the knife into its gill to dissect it. I even took the head off. Once it was opened up, the kids actually noticed what was going on and some were very disgusted at the sight in front of them. But overall,  they had fun watching me cut the fish up close and personal. When we were done we then threw the fish back into the water. Although it sounds gross it was fun and entertaining to the kids, and taught them a little bit about dissecting things!
But we don’t just go to Piers. We have the chance to switch it up and go to Courageous Sailing on Tuesdays. The kids over there are slightly older than those at Piers, but they are as energetic as those at Piers. When we are over there we split up and play activities with them like moosey moosey or color some sheets that Kaya printed out. We also fish with them but a good amount of them already know how to fish. They are more patient with waiting for something to take a bite. Most of all they really enjoy being near the touch tank and watching and playing with the crabs. 

I’m so grateful to be able to come to Piers because I love spending time with the kids here, playing games, fishing, and even cutting open a fish. 

See you next time,

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