Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Final week of first year

  Hey everyone, Aidan back again for the last time this summer. I had a great time working here at Save the Harbor Save the Bay, but I'll hopefully be back next summer. School starts for me next week, another one hundred and eighty days of my life, but it will also be my last year of high school. The week was full of surprises at my new location, Piers Park. It's a complicated route to get to from where I live, but it is SO worth it.

On Monday, I had a great time at Lovells Island, swimming in the ocean and observing a dead whale carcass. On Tuesday, my first day of a new location had already ended a week earlier, giving me a free day off. On Wednesday, I got to actually work again at Piers Park, which was basically a "copy/paste" of my experience at Blacks Creek, plus more kids. Piers Park isn't as infested with crabs as Blacks was though. The location happens to be straight away from where my dad works, across the harbor. The kids at Piers are about the same as the kids from Blacks Creek, and there's a handful of kids who act and behave the same way too. Overall, the kids mean well and love to explore during the summer time.
A familiar game of everybody's it

It bugs me to let go of the many friends I've made at SHSB this summer, and I'm going to lose my  tan as the indoor season approaches, but I am looking forward to doing things again next summer. I've never worked a real job before this, but I can already tell no job is going to be as fun as this one. Being able to spend nearly everyday outside is the whole focus of a great summer, and this was no different. Winter time is gonna be different when I'm not holding a hot-headed crab up to a kid, and when I'm not basking in the ocean water at Spectacle when we go. I can't wait to relive those great moments on Boston Harbor. If I had to pick one thing I'd miss the very most while I was working at Save the Harbor, Save the Bay, it's going to have to be eating J Pace's delicious hashtag breakfast sandwich along the water, overlooking Boston Harbor.

Anyways, that's all I have to say for this summer's last blog, so as always,

Until next summer,


Kids fishing off the dock with hot dog bait.

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