Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The new edition to all access

     Hello everyone this week we will be talking about SITES! I am so excited to be talking about this because two weeks ago I actually changed my site from CHV(camp harbor view) to all access Boston harbor. I’m going to be honest it wasn’t the easiest switch but I jumped right in and tried out every thing i could. The cool thing about my site is that we are never here in the same place we are always moving and adapting in different areas. This week we were at spectecale island I’ve talked about this island many times before. And did a previous blog about it before. So it was really amazing to go see the place that was speaking so highly of. And it was great if it was picking up sea glass on the beach or catching bass at the dock there always something to do there. Learning more each day about the island.

   So far at this site I see new faces everyday, I usually serve kids 7-14 teaching them the basics of fishing and teaching them about crab and other animals we find in the harbor. The most common creature that I’ve encountered was crabs,skates,and if we’re lucky stripped bass. My favorite activity to lead is the touch tank. I love to teach kids about how certain species of crabs, how the effect the ecosystem in the harbor, and the difference between male and females. I love between all ages that they find the same amount of fascination about what we teach them. The wonder encourages me to learn more myself about the marine life in the harbor. It was great talking to you all again see you next week.
Me,Alex,Madison,and Aleena serving food at Carson beach bash

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