Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Bye Bye CHV OG!

Farewell Xavier!
Hey guys and welcome back to my blog! This week was a little different than what I’m used to. I caught a killer cold, spent a day at All Access, and went to BU for the MLK scholars program, which I’ll get into later. This week was our last week with our (now former) SHE, Xavier. Which obviously wasn’t fun because we’ve all grown to become one big family in such a short amount of time. On Wednesday there was a staff enrichment day at the fishing derby, but instead of the going to the derby, I went to All Access with Tia, Flo, and the interns. One thing about All Access is it’s a much longer process getting on the boat than it is at CHV. We had to walk to the office in the morning to grab the supplies (which isn’t something that I’m used to), then walk down to the Pavillion. There’s a whole process of checking in all the groups coming that day, with groups ranging from 5 to about 160 people. Then once the groups all check-in, they take a group photo and file inside the Pavillion to grab their seats and wait for David to give his speech. Once he’s said what needs to be said everybody walks down to the dock to board the boat and blast off we’re gone! On Thursday I wasn’t feeling the best, but I tried to tough it out, and we ended up catching 2 skates and watching the Lip Sync Battle the kids had, so I guess it was worth it. Lastly, on Friday a few JPA’s and I went to MLK and listened to Representative Liz Miranda talk about her life and what lead her to become who she is today, which I found to be very inspiring. So overall this week was pretty cool!

Dead fish along the Harbor
On Monday I noticed a couple of fish, specifically Menhaden, floating in the water. A couple were next to the dock at CHV and a couple more were next to the dock at the pier. I was really confused and partially concerned because I was trying to figure out what happened in order for there to be dead fish all over the harbor. After some googling, I found out that there’s not enough oxygen in the water due to the hot weather and algae blooming. It’s very important that our water stays sustainable so we don’t end up drinking water that kills us.  Fortunately, these fishes died of mostly natural causes, but that’s not the case all the time. So remember to throw away your waste in the right bins and not in the ocean!

See you on the boat,

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