Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Importance of Water and the Harbor!

Hello, Once again!

When it comes to saving the harbor, we need to know multiple things when it comes to water in order to monitor its quality. This is important for the ecosystem and human health because it can teach us how water affects animals and many other things, like the tides and the water cycle. Humans can affect the system and if they affect it drastically they can ruin animals habitats and harm the water in general, which would overall harm all life. Speaking of water, there are a lot of challenges that we are facing now to maintain the water quality in Boston. The main being the plastic pollution in the harbor that affects all the animal and water life, that is the main challenge considering that the pollution in the harbor keeps coming back up to where it was before. It is going to take a while before we get rid of pollution. 

Do you ever wonder what happens to the water after it leaves your house? Well, the water that leaves our homes ends up going into sewage water/septic tanks that are buried under us. After that, it is sent to a sewage treatment plant that is sent from the sewer. This is what filters used water and new water from our houses, along with a test to see if the water quality is clean or not. We do multiple tests, like a mineral test or a bacterial test to see if the water is clean for us to bathe in and drink. Naturally, the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems have a big part to play in natural water purification and each organism that resides in that habitat plays apart into cleaning and assisting with our water. This could be in the form of interactions or living arrangements in the water. 

Most of my generation before me that's apart of my family (my parents, grandparents, etc.) grew up in Jamaica so they won't know much in regards to Boston Harbor. However, according to my mother, she recalls Boston Harbor as decently dirty. It was still developing into the Boston Harbor we had now, however, it wasn't as much as a trash dump as it used to be because of the development of making the harbor very clean. Her memories compared to my own aren't do differently though, mainly because the harbor is clean as it is due to the cleaning process that took place many years ago, but they still need to be more cleaning done. We all need to fix the pollution problem that is messing up our harbors.

Anyways, I hope you SEA what I SEA and help me clean up the harbor! ~Kamal

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