Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Family Made :)

Jay Here with the reel of the week! 
Insert Brianna lol!
    It has been 5 weeks at Boston Children's Museum where happiness is in abundance even in Boston’s bipolar weather. The team and I have continued to do our part in cleaning out the harbor every time we see trash floating by our rods and encouraging the kids to do the same. This week brought many laughs and memories with the BCM crew and the families we’ve met from around the world. We now how families that come by more times during the week just to fish with us and catch crabs which are awesome in my books. During the week I surprised myself with the quickest catch I think in BCM history! As soon as I dropped the line into the water I caught a fish I reeled it up and shock and amazement were written on all of our faces. 
    As much as I love fishing and picking up crabs what I find important is the connections we make individually with the kids we meet and their families. I always strive to leave a lasting impression on the people I meet but they always end up leaving an impression on me. When we get tourists from different countries and theirs a language barrier we still manage to understand each other through our body language and actions. At BCM we get a lot of Spanish speaking families and Portuguese speaking families which could be hard to navigate. I can speak and understand Spanish and a bit of Portuguese, this makes for fun conversations with kids and parents when we try to express what we are trying to say. 
There's Brianna!
    When people understand each other despite their differences it makes for a great vibe and that's how it is with my Team. I’m a naturally outgoing person so when we start at children’s I wanted to make everyone feel comfortable but there was no need because we all instantly connected. Our S.H.E. is Kat and our L.H.E. is Brianna and they’re are awesome they tie our group together and make sure we’re all having a good time and learning along the way. There is huge mutual respect between all of us which I like. Well, it’s time for week 6, I challenge you to make new friendships/relationships with people and work together to understand your differences. 
Nothing but a snap and a point!
Till next time, 
Jay Gomez 

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