Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Work Buddies! Friends in Disguise! (*Transformers Theme Song*)

Now I know you know that Camp Harbor View is the best site. And I know you know I know that Camp Harbor View is the greatest site. And I'm sure you all know that I know that you know that Camp Harbor View is the most fantastic site at Save the Harbor. So I won't talk about it anymore. Seriously. Like probably. Maybe. I'm gonna talk about it some more.

Seriously, this has truly been an experience that has provided me with a lot of growth. I've mentioned it before, but this has been my first time being anybody's 'boss'. To make a sort of analogy, I've been playing the game for years, but have never gotten to make the plays. It feels really nice actually. I have gotten the opportunity to utilize what I have learned from leaders in past years. To see how people would be managed under me, raising questions such as "will they listen to me?" or "do they respect me?". To test what worked, why it didn't work, and how it could work differently. In more or less ways, I've been able to figure out for future use, what aspects of leadership I am good at and which ones need to improve. Regardless of my future, I am so grateful I could have such a great group of individuals to be my first 'test subjects'.
(Some of) The Casino of Good Workers

Now MAYBE I'm taking a big ole leap of faith in saying my leadership skills have benefited. It is entirely possible that I just lucked out majorly in the Casino of Good Workers (Trademark pending). This may be. But I like to think I am doing something right. And if anything, I've managed to make some great friends in the process.

Appreciate y'all,

Stay guppy,

Your best friend, your pal, your piano teacher,


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