Thursday, August 22, 2019

bird whisperer

While at BCM I  have had a lot of interactions with kids coming back multiple times to bonding with my co workers while eating lunch. We have even had interactions with a bird. These interactions are one of the many things that make my day while working at BCM. It's also like a special treat when the regulars show up since BCM is sometimes a ghost town. One of the best parts at BCM is teaching a kid to fish and see them get so happy. You help  guide them and really get invested sometimes,  even to the point where the time fly's by and next thing you know its lunch break or time to pack up.  Those moments are great and it brings life to the rest of the day for me. Whats even better is when the kid you've been helping and been fishing with them, catches there first fish, or crab. You know you've done a good job when the kids face explodes with glee. Now it is great and all when you have these types of interactions but none of them have been my best interactions. My best interaction was with a  bird we named Keko. Keko was a seagull that would swim around in the harbor and we would feed our left over squid bate too.
Eventually Keko stuck around and we started feeding him and making sure our pal was alright. Sadly Keko was attacked by a fellow Seagull and his wing was broken. We would see Keko try to  swim around while his wing was broken. We fed him and made sure he was happy but his wing never got better. One day I was going to get some water from the LL Bean dock since it was low tide and needed some for the touch tank. When I opened the gate, Keko was there.  His wing was still broken and he didn't look to good. At that point we had BCM call animal control to see if they could help him but they never showed up. We took care of  Keko until we had to leave. We gave him a lot of squid and played around with him. Sadly it was Friday and when we returned on Tuesday Keko wasn't there. I'd like to think that Keko's wing did heal and he flew away and was happy but that's unrealistic. Everytime we see a Seagull that looks like Keko, We name that  bird Keko with a random Number. Maybe one of those Keko's is the real Keko but who knows.
Either way
I'm sailing off
-Anthony M

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