Monday, August 5, 2019

New Things

Captain Khar
Welcome back to our blog! The special scoop for this week was all about seeing and doing new things.  We started the week off by visiting the USS Constitution Museum and the Coast Guard with special tours lead by their staff. At the Museum we learned what it was like to be on board a giant sail ship and what life was like in the 1400's. Luckily enough we already know how important it is to HAUL AWAY TOGETHER, so we were able to work together quickly and accurately to prep for a "battle". My favorite had to be the Coast Guard. They had a large building for their base located in the North End. Their boats were a lot cooler and equipped with  more (or even any) special technology than any boat I have ever been on. Their vessels had radars, bunkers, and even a siren that we were allowed to enter. It was fun, but now I know how serious they take their job, not only are they out there to patrol the water but they are also out there to save lives, help animals, and help clean the harbor. 


 Speaking of the various vessels we've boarded, over at CHV were see lots of boat traffic passing by the island coming in and out the harbor. Not only do we see the ferries from different islands but we also got a visit from a giant cruise ship. It had to be the biggest boat I've ever seen, and that includes the cargo ships that have passed by. There are multiple activities that take place on and off the dock of CHV. You can catch us fishing off the dock and pulling up crabs, skates, or fish. Or you can hang with us when it is low tide by the tide pools searching for asian short crabs, hermit crabs, and periwinkles. It always a friendly competition to see who can find the most of the evasive species. And on days when we run out of bait, we quickly come up with solutions to still run our program. Whether that means tide pooling or using hotdogs, we will always find a way to stay connected to the harbor. We find many critters at low tide. It amazes me how they are all hidden when its high tide. I also enjoy seeing the transformation from kids who're too afraid to hold a crab to bringing them right up to our touch tank.
Over at CHV, the fun does not end. Our energy always positively matches that of the campers. What makes CHV one of the best sites is not only due to our staff but the way we run our program. Everything is organized, we have a game plan about the day ahead and plan accordingly with the weather. We receive the schedule and we have everything set up for our groups and clubs before they arrive. I love how cooperative both my staff and campers are. We are patient with each other and work well together to bring them the ultimate fishing experience.
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