Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Welcome to my blog!  So this week was my birthday week.  As usual, it was a fun week at Piers Park.  We caught a lot of crabs and even some fish using the crab and fish traps.  As usual, I did a lot of kayaking.  Kayaking is a fun way to interact with the kids because you get to explore the water with them.  You are also working as a team in order to move the kayak the way you want it to move.  Without cooperation,  the kayak won’t move the right way and many bad things could happen.  For example,  I was about to kayak with some kids and they were not exactly listening to me and it didn’t go well.  I was about to get into the kayak and they all decided that it was a good idea to hop into the kayak all at the same time with me at the edge of the boat.  So, because of this,  I tipped off the kayak and fell head first into the harbor.  The worst part was, I was wearing sweatpants.  It was the one day that I wasn’t wearing a swimsuit!  Sometimes working with kids can be hard because not all of them want to do the same camp activities that others want to do.  Sometimes they won’t listen to you because the way you are doing things isn’t the way that they want to do things.  This can be hard, but when you are a good counselor or a JPA, you can get them under control.  Although my fall in the water was funny to others, the kids learned from their mistakes and after they decided to cooperate with me and we all had a good time kayaking. They even wrote me birthday cards on my birthday.  I think that showed me that I have an impact on these kids, which is great because that is what a JPA should do.  This moment really stood out to me because it showed that I really had an effect on those kids, which was something I thought I would never have.  It was a pretty good week as usual and I had many good and sometimes funny learning experiences.  Anyways,  thank you for reading my blog!

me getting out of the water after getting pushed in

me holding my birthday card

me holding a crab

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