Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Gaga Ball Master Che, Reporting on Week 1

Hey guys !!!

   It’s Che once again. My first week at Black’s Creek in Quincy and it was very fun and I’m glad I’m getting to know the kids more and more, I feel like me and the kids will grow a really strong relationship. A fun fact about work is that the kids at Black’s Creek love Gaga ball and I see why now, I never played it till last week and all I can say is that game is very very fun.
Playing gaga ball

   At Black’s Creek and Children’s museum we caught one of the craziest species I have ever seen. We found a horseshoe crab and a spider crab, the spider crab was crazy big and so was the horseshoe crab but the spider crab was crazy like it literally freaked me out. The horseshoe crab is usually found in bracket water which is half clean water and half salt. Both crabs usually eat fish bait suck as squid. A fun fact about the spider crab is that they can grow up to 12-13 ft and the Horseshoe crab grows up too 35 cm which is also really big. This 4th of July me and my friends and family went and did fireworks, But before that we went to the lake for most of the day, we also went to my friends' barbecue and ate real good.

Me holding the Horseshoe crab

   Also at Black's Creek, we all found many minnows, shrimps and many many green crabs, we found about 90 green crabs last week, which I found out that they are really invasive to the environment and they hurt all the animals that are in the water because they have no predators. The kids and I were very excited to catch all of these different species. My favorite game we played was mad scientist which is similar to fishy fishy cross my ocean, but this game helps the kids think more. Mad scientist is a game where all the kids have to think of an animal but 2 who are the taggers and they have to ask questions such as, Does your animal live on land? or Does your animal eat meat? and etc. and if those questions apply to your animal then you have to run to the other side of the field without getting tagged.

Me dancing and trying to hit the woah during everybody's it

   The crab trap was really good for the kids to see because it entertained them and it helps them catch crabs and build so many memories with these species. Speaking of crabs we found the horseshoe crab twice 1 big one and one big one, I personally never seen one so it was really cool to see them.

Che Hanks

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