Monday, July 22, 2019

Harbor Things :)

What’s up guys,
    Jay here again with another blog! It has been 4 whole weeks, crazy how time flies it was like yesterday that I was terrified of boats. Well actually still working on that fear which was highly tested on Monday when the entire Save The Harbor team went kayaking in the Fort Point Channel to pick up floating trash. That was a surreal experience besides all the screaming and nearly sinking it was fun and made me feel accomplished. Nonetheless, the BCM crew succeeded through another week in the blazing sun bringing smiles and knowledge of our city’s harbor to families. 

    So last week I left you guys off with a mission and that is to do your part whether small or big concerning the pollution on our mother Earth. We might be a small population here in Boston compared to the entire planet but having a clean city land and water is still a great goal and also achievable. Why don’t we dive into the history of the city’s now swimmable waters; For any long-time Boston resident you might remember how polluted the harbor was, with all the oils coming off huge tankers or plastic and the trash being a usual sight in the water. I mean the harbor even had a song called “Love that Dirty Water” by the Standells talking the dirty waters of Boston. 
    I for one love cleaner waters, which I was fortunate enough to enjoy growing up in Dorchester near Carson Beach during the summer. Before Save The Harbor I was never aware of the history of my city and the amazing change it has gone through, now being one of the cleanest urban beaches in America is a great title to have. However, that does not mean there's not work to still be done, during work the team and I are still reeling up trash and plastics that past by our fishing stations. We accidentally dropped one of our bait bags into the harbor and we went into action it took us a while but we pulled it from under the pier (as we should). As people let's be better and take care of our home planet! 
See you later,

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