Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Something New!

Hello, my name is Keren Osorio. I recently graduated from the John D. O'Bryant and will be attending Umass Amherst this upcoming fall. I was originally born in Cambridge, MA but most of my life I've lived in Boston. My biggest passion is sports, I LOVE THEM. So far I've participated in more than 5. Sports help me release stress and keep me occupied during the school year.

SHSB is new to me as this is my first year hearing about this organization. I'm very excited to work with save the harbor because it's important to keep the younger generation informed on how our harbor has changed drastically and encourage others to help keep it that way. I took an environmental class this year which was an eye-opener of what is happening in our world and it's a cry for help. Encouraging younger kids in getting out and interacting with the ocean and the environment is the first step towards a better earth.

While on our trip to Spectacle Island I learned a lot about what the harbor looked like in the past and what it took to clean it up. It was said that "you can walk on water" because of all of the trash in the water. Spectacle Island used to be a dump that was burning for 10 years and then there were truck loads of dirt that made it look like it did today. If you've ever wondered were all the waste from the toilet goes, it goes to deer island where you can find some egg shaped tanks and that's where they reside.

In freezing cold water somewhere in Constanza, DR
The best way to catch fish is with sea worms, although creepy in appearance, I don't mind them that much. But if it was a sea spider that would be a whole other level of fear. On our fishing trip I was one of the unlucky people who didn't catch anything, but that's what fishing is all about! In like 15 minutes the fish managed to eat 6 worms that has to be some record or something. I saw a skate for the first time which was interesting to see, it kinda looked like a squid when I first saw it.

Orientation was very entertaining. We played a game called shipwreck on Spectacle Island which was really fun. I made it to the last 6 people but unfortunately I got out. We also played a game with a rule of the knight on a chess game which was interesting. I really liked all the group activities we did because it's a way to get to know the people around you in a fun way, something that's hard to come across. Can't wait to see what's to come in the following weeks!


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