Saturday, July 20, 2019

Week 3

Welcome to week 3,

     Week two was good but week three was better because there were more kids which made the games and actives we played more fun. Week two we had about 6 kids in each camp session but now we have 12 plus kids. I like having more campers because each kid is funny and love what we do at Blacks Creek. Every day we get the kids pumped and energized for a great day. They love to play everybody’s it or Gaga ball, which is my favorite game by far. Che and I often go back and forth when we play Gaga ball, sometimes he gets me out and sometimes I get him out first. The kids always side with him for some reason, but that’s fine. While we’re playing time flies quickly because we’re just having so much fun. The kids that work for Quincy Recreation started to really play which makes it even more fun because they're also good competition for Che, Aiden and I and also they're funny.
     After the games, we go to the water and use these little nets to catch minnows, crabs or shrimp. This week we started to use a seine net. It was cool at first, but then we started to walk deeper into the water and that’s when stuff got weird. The bottom felt mad squishy and every step I took the bottom took my shoe with it so I had to put my foot in there and get my shoe back. Also for some reason, this weird scent came out of nowhere and it wasn’t a good scent either, it was very bad. After that Tessa and I decided to walk the net closer to shore. When we finished one "sweep" with the net, we took the net of water and bam, nothing the first time. But we went back and tried a different way which was going parallel to the shore. When we thought we had gone a good distance we took it out the water again and found a couple of crabs, some minnows, and shrimp. The third time we found the same stuff, but also a baby flounder. The kids were so excited to see it because some of them haven’t seen a flounder before. It was funny seeing all their facial expressions when they looked at the flounder. 
Tessa and I pulling the seine net out of the water.
     Plastic pollution is very bad for our environment because it hurts all the animals and living things in and out of the water. I can kill or hurt innocent animals that are doing nothing but trying to live. What I do to stop plastic pollution is I re-use all the bottles I get and I re-use the bags I get from the store. Reusing water bottles is the main thing I do, I’ll fill them with water and put flavored powder to make like juice, Gatorade, ice tea, etc… although sometimes I just keep it as water depending on how I’m feeling.

Catch you next week,

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