Thursday, July 11, 2019

Time for Programming

We finally get to start programming! I got to start my summer at Piers Park, a beautiful park located in East Boston. It is a sailing center for young kids ages (roughly) 5-9, and it was a blast! Some kids were returning, and knew about all the fun things we were going to dive into, but the new kids were surprised by all the fun activities. We were able to fish, sail, crab/mino trap, kayak and more. We played some fun ice breaking games, so that we got to know each other and started our week with some fun! For the following two days, I was at a very familiar site: All Access Boston Harbor. We went out to Spectacle Island, and we caught a 17 inch fish! We also swam, played some football, and had a whole lot of fun.

We caught some animals this week, ranging from fish to crabs. In particular we caught green and spider crabs. Green crabs are cool because beside each eye they have five little spikes that you can use to spell out green. We also taught the kids how to differentiate between a male a female crab, by observing its stomach! Spider crabs stole the show however. From puny to giant, we caught a boat load of spider crabs! Spider crabs have a more scary type of look, but they are actually a lot more calm in my opinion. They are also covered in algae from the ocean floor where they live, establishing a mutual relationship by giving the algae a place to live, and the crab some decent camouflage so that they will not be noticed by predators.

spider crab dun dun dun

To close out the week, I am going to be celebrating July 4th with some friends. I am going to start by going to Singing Beach in Manchester, NH. I hope to play some spike ball, eat a nice breakfast, and get ready for the long night of fireworks at a beach near my house.

Until next week,

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