Sunday, July 14, 2019

Marine Life!

Hi everyone!

This second week at save the harbor has been a blast! The group I work with is awesome, everyone works together to well and does an amazing job keeping the energy up and lively. We have been posted at the Boston Children’s Museum site teaching kids how to fish and showing them all of the cool critters we catch that live in the harbor! Some of the things we normally pull out of the water are small perch, striped bass, green crabs, and spider crabs! 

The green crabs are seen most often, probably because they are an invasive species! They are usually pretty small, only ranging from 2.5-4 inches long and are native to Europe but can be found in the North Atlantic or Pacific coasts. They are also normally found in shallow water with a muddy, vegetated bottom which would explain why they love the harbor so much!

Opposite to the crabs we see every day, on very rare occasions one lucky person will reel in a big striped bass! We have only caught one so far but are hopeful for more in the future since there is always a fun buzz of excitement when we reel one up. These big fish are normally 20-40 pounds and can be found in lakes or the Pacific coast. They also put up one heck of a fight on the fishing pole!

Next week we will still be out in front of the museum, hopeful for more fun and ocean life to share with the kids! I am really excited to see what else we might catch as the summer continues on, you never know what could be swimming through during high tide! Hopefully we can reel in another bass or pull up a giant spider crab for everyone to come and hold!  J

Sea you out there!
Brianna Malley

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