Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Time Flies When You're Havin' Fun!

Hey guys!

I can't believe we are already five weeks into summer programming! It's been a wild ride so far, but it just keeps getting better and better. This week was a little bit different than the others. I started off the week on Monday in the office as usual, and Tuesday's programming at both Blacks Creek and the Curley were canceled due to rain. Wednesday and Thursday were pretty usual- we went to Atlantic Warf after Blacks Creek on Wednesday, and the Curley in the afternoon on Thursday. Both days were great and we got to continue the awesome stuff we have been up to all summer. Being on-site with Tessa, Damani, Che, and Aidan has been awesome. We get the job done while enjoying ourselves with many laughs during the long and hot days. I think we have really created bonds that will stick no matter what sites we continue with for the remainder of the summer.
Crab race at Blacks Creek! 
What made this week different was that I had my first two events, and I attended MLK Scholars on Friday. One of my favorite parts of the summer has been creating bonds with so many different people: SHEs, JPAs, Supervisors, and the kids, counselors, and parents we meet on site. What makes our staff so special is the diverse group of people that have come together to support a cause that so many of us are passionate about. I have created bonds with people much older and younger than me, people from different backgrounds, and people from different states and countries as well. The events I worked this week were the Community event at the Tynan and the Sand Raking at Nantasket Beach. I was put on site with SHEs and JPAs who I have only met during orientation, and despite that, we had a lot of fun interacting with each other and the communities of South Boston and Hull. The great thing about Save The Harbor is that no matter what site you are put on or what event you are working, you are with people who are so outgoing, caring, and fun to be around. I was also lucky enough to be a part of the MLK Scholars programming on Friday, which was another great opportunity to get to know other Save The Harbor educators and other kids in the Boston area.

A cool portrait at the sand raking event at Nantasket.
A lot of the designs made by passersby at the event at Nantasket.

See ya later!

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