Sunday, July 14, 2019

Week 2 On George’s Island!!!

    We kicked off week two at George’s Island, and to say the least, it was a success. On the island we had fishing going on like usual where the kids had the opportunity to fish for the first time or do it again, and they loved it. For us on the island, the catch of the week was a mixed gene blue lobster! Catching crabs is what commonly happens for us, so when the fishing crew was like a child on Christmas morning. Everyone got the chance to take pictures of the lobster or with the lobster because it was such an incredible catch. This moment will definitely be one of the biggest highlights of the summer for the All Access squad.

    While we had fishing going on, our other group was interacting with the kids by playing sports and taking tours of the infamous black tunnel. Before we got to the island we were told a story of the lady in black that supposedly haunts the dark tunnel on George’s island, and it was true to its word. The tunnel gave many the chills, but those who dared to go in it had a great time exploring it. For me, I love listening to ghost stories and exploring creepy places like this tunnel. I got the privilege to walk through it and it was most definitely eerie. The tours were a success, as were the sports that we provided the kids of many different camps all over Boston. On Tuesday we had a great game of waffle ball going, staff against the kids and everybody had a blast letting loose and just enjoying the day. Being able to join in on the game didn’t make me feel like I was working, but made me feel like a teenager having the summer of her life.


    Ending the week, we took a trip to Island and help out making it look beautiful and back to its historical features. When we got there, we were split up into different groups so we were able to interact with people from different organizations all around Boston. Pulling the weeds from around the buildings and around the island made me appreciate the history of these islands and Boston really has.  It is important to clean up not only the places that hold so much value but everywhere because our planet really needs it to stay alive. There is so much pollution and plastic all around us that needs to be dealt with or none of us will survive. If you can take anything away from this, it should be that working to clean up our planet shouldn’t be a chore, but a choice! With all this being said, week 2 was just the beginning and I can’t wait to see what week three and the rest of the summer has in store for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay.

    Au Revoir,

Madison Theriault

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