Sunday, July 28, 2019

4th week was a blast

Hey everybody,

I work at Blacks Creek, in Quincy, most days. Looking at the water it seems like Quincy and other water-based locations are generally trash free and people are doing a good job not killing the environment. The full Save the Harbor, Save the Bay staff went kayaking in the Fort Point Channel on Monday. It was a great experience and only my second time kayaking. I was able to get to know my co-workers a little more, make some new friends, and able to express myself a little more. There wasn't too much trash,  which suggests that people have realized it is bad to throw their trash into the harbor and that they have changed and are keeping this harbor really clean.

The campers playing gaga ball
   The crazy thing about the Boston Harbor is that it used to be called the harbor of shame because of how dirty it was and how disrespectful we were to the water and the marine animals' home. Eventually, we started to realize how we were hurting our community and ourselves so we made technology to help us. For example, on Deer Island, they have these egg looking things that treat sewage so that it is not in the water. Before we came up with all this new technology to keep the harbor clean, there was literally so much trash that it was visible above water, which is insane. To help clean it we had to burn all the trash, which took a while and left smoke in the air for a long time.

One of our campers, Jayden, trying to catch minnows
   Now that we got this Harbor to have some of the cleanest urban beaches in America it's up to the kids and our generation to keep it clean and make sure that the harbor stays safe for us and the kids I will eventually have. Save the Harbor / Save the Bay is a perfect organization to help keep this harbor clean and teach kids how important keeping this harbor is and how bad things can get if we don't. I believe in global warming and we already have that as an issue, so we need to make sure not to make it and other environmental problems worse. For us to keep this harbor and this world cleaner we must treat it like home no matter if it's water or land. We need to realize other living things live there and it's not like we would like it if people trashed our home and killed us due to all the trash, dirty air, and diseases.
Jayden looking at what he caught
Catch ya later,
Che Hanks

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