Sunday, July 21, 2019

You FLOUND what?

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This week started with an adventure, as a group we had the opportunity to kayak in the Fort Point Channel. Some had mixed feelings about being on the water, others couldn't hold in their excitement to begin paddling. I was anticipating to see how much trash we can collect in a short period of time, and let's just say I was overwhelmed. 
I couldn't believe how much trash we collected as a group, I was out on the water with a trio kayak and we worked as a team to spot trash and paddle over to pick it up. We found bottles, cups, caution tape that was stuck on the dock and a needle. The people who dispose their trash in the harbor are ignorant towards the fact that this is harming our animal and human life. It was an eye opener to see how much garbage was in the channel, and having this experience really proved to me that although the Boston waters have come a long way they still need a lot of work and care. 

Being a Chicago native, I was not aware of the dirty waters of Boston. I listened to the catchy song "Dirty Water" by The Standells today for the first time. The song is a hit but also exposes people to how bad the waters were, "down by the banks of the charlessss river". Even though this song is a Bostonian classic, the song is relative to the waters and how people used to view their city. 

The song came out in 1965, seven years later the Clean Water Act was passed in order to help the water quality in Boston. Since the 70's various organizations around the Boston area have been supporting to keeping the waters clean. Without the organizations and individuals showing concern about their "home" the Boston waters til this day would have been polluted. The song and organizations transformed Boston from the grimiest waters to one of the nations cleanest. 

Who is going to write a song about how far Boston waters have come? 
Any takers? 

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