Monday, July 15, 2019

Spider Crab Mania

Hello! This is the first full week at Camp Harbor View and it has been a blast! This was the week of the spidercrab, since every single trap we brought up was full of them, they easily outnumber the rest of the crabs and since they are not invasive species this is great news!  It was an extremely lucky day for us at the fishing club! We managed to catch more than a few fish, two flounders in one week and a striped bass. The excitement was in the air the whole week, kids anxious to catch a fish and even the blazing heat did not stop them participating in the activities. With high hopes in the air, every single kid was in the mood for fishing! Ending the great first week, we caught a baby lobster in our crap trap and since it was delicate we had to let it go early due to fear of harming the animal.The week ended with a family-style barbecue at CHV, it was amazing week getting to know the staff members at my sight and the children in the fishing club!
       Pollution has always been a huge issue in the worlds oceans, all oceans around the world have to deal with this issue on a greater scale. This was the case with the Boston Harbor 30 years ago, but not anymore. Thanks to Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, we are now home to one of the cleanest urban harbors in the country. While the water is 'clean', there still is the rare bag in the water, however this is only once in a blue moon. The water in Boston is clean and you no longer need a Tetanus shot if you fall in the water, but other waters across the world are not as clean. All over the world's oceans there are huge amounts of plastic that interfere with the lives of the animals who live there. Turtles, dolphins, and even birds get stuck in the plastic in the ocean, causing serious harm to these animals. Even fish confuse the plastic in the ocean as delicious food, with plastic being found in fish all around the world.
    There are a few ways in which pollution can be reduced. A simple one is making sure you recycle. This prevent the water from getting filled with unnecessary material! If you are able to tell your parents and friends to do the same, than it will be even easier to stop the water from becoming filled with trash! With action, we can do this and save the planets oceans!
See you on the harbor- Albert

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