Monday, July 22, 2019

Hello, Once again! Were Back it with another blog!
This week I was still at the Children's Museum. However, on Monday we weren't at the Children's Museum. Instead, we were kayaking on the 4 point channel which is right by the children's museum. That day, I must admit was a difficult one for me. I was partnered in a kayak with 2 other people and that experience was a bit rough only because the Kayak wouldn't hold our weight efficiently. I eventually had to get off and swap to a small boat that could hold three people. Other than that it was fun and we had picked up a lot of trash in the harbor, as our job name suggests. After Monday, my week at BCM was pretty much the same for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday we had to deal with Free Day at BCM and it was packed, but weirdly not as bad as I originally thought. There were a lot of people there, but it was pretty fun in my opinion.
While I am at it, I believe I should talk about a few things in terms of the Harbor. Believe it or not, Boston Harbor used to be one of the dirtiest harbors in history. Back in the 19th century, more and more people had moved or was born in Boston and as more people came here. The more trash started to go into the harbor due to carelessness. Eventually, it kept getting worse and worse because of the surrounding islands also known as Deer Island and Nut Island had sewage/trash problems. The residue from those islands had gone into the harbor making it repulsive and to the point where no one could swim or be on the harbor. Boston, with no incentive to clean it, eventually got sued by the city of Quincy and followed by a suit made by Conservation Law Foundation. That had told the city of Boston to get their act together and clean the harbor. The water was so polluted that even the Standells made a song about it called Dirty Water. Where they talk about Boston's dirty water while weirdly stating that no matter what Boston is going through, we still love Boston and its dirty water. Since this songs release and the lawsuits happened, Boston Harbor has looked significantly more and cleaner as the days go on by and remains one of the cleanest harbors in America Thank you for reading this fascinating history lesson! I hope you see what I sea and do your part!


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