Wednesday, July 24, 2019

plastic and history ya dig!!

           Hey there! It’s Damani and I’m back again with another blog. This week was different than the weeks before so let’s start off with Monday when we kayaked and rowed the Fort Point Channel to pick up the trash that’s just laying in our beautiful water. I rowed and everyone kayaked, Kharliyah and I made the trip fun for ourselves and for those who were around us because we were singing and cracking jokes. We soon caught up with Patrice and Qalid and then later on Khamal had to hop in our rowboat. Now let’s go to Wednesday, we first worked a normal morning at Blacks Creek. Then we had an event at Atlantic Wharf which is close to the Boston Children’s Museum and South Station. While there we fished, taught fish printing, had a touch tank, and told pirate stories. Two groups of kids came and man were they excited to fish because none of them had ever fished before. I had to tell them what to do, they were really happy and couldn’t wait to catch something, but the fish had other plans or weren’t hungry at the moment I guess and the kids got so sad. On Friday it was very hot but it was a good day because it was Free Friday at the Boston Children’s Museum. We had a lot of people come by wanting to fish and to touch the crabs and the two fish that we caught. It was a good day but it was hot.
Kharliyah and me before we started picking up trash

While cleaning the harbor on Monday it made me remember the story of the Boston Harbor island that has the highest point in the city, Spectacle Island. This island has a history behind it which it starts with the City of Boston. Boston would put waste from the toilets and the trash coming from people’s house into the water due to carelessness. It was very dirty, so the people that did care said that we gotta clean it up, and that’s what we did. We cleaned the trash from the water by putting it on an island called Spectacle Island and we just kept adding the trash until we couldn’t add trash anymore. Then they set it on fire for ten years, then a few years later all the dirt from the big dig was put on top of the burning trash. Then we added some trees, gazebos, and now it’s a national park, opened to the public, where people swim and play. Today, the waste from toilets go to big egg looking containers where the liquids are purified into water so clean they say you can drink it. The solids go to this place in Quincy where they’re turned into fertilizer and sent to Florida and to help grow oranges. Now the water is cleaner than ever we can go to all these like Thompson, Spectacle, George’s, and Long.

The gang and me with a horseshoe crabs 

Damani singing outttt, peace


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