Tuesday, July 30, 2019

week 5 a wrap!!

Hey it’s Damani, back again with another blog. It’s week five and summer has been great so far with the gang. But the kids are why I am here. I want to make sure the kids are having fun, and I can tell you the kids at Black Creek are definitely having fun. They always smile and the only time they're sad is when they're leaving us. The kids also love when we take them to the water to catch minnows or crabs and shrimp with the nets. The kids gave me a nickname they called me Amani because one-day last week Vanessa put two ponytails in my hair and that caught everyone’s attention while we were playing Evil Scientist. A couple of the kids at Blacks Creek grew on me and became my favorites, but at the same time all the kids are my favorite. They love to play Gaga Ball or Evil Scientist and each time we play it’s always fun, the kids are mad funny when they play, the boys are always going at it and the girls are trying to beat everybody no matter who it is and that is what makes the game so fun to play. The kids are the reason I work here, I want to make sure the kids are learning and also having fun.
catching sea creatures with a net

Playing our favorite game, Gaga ball

     The one thing that used to be hard for me was to communicate with people the same age as me or close to my age. But last summer I overcame that fear. The only reason why I’m not scared anymore was that I started talking to people last year, my first year at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, and now I’m always talking to everybody. So working here helped to get rid of my fear because last year I did not know anybody here so I was mad shy. It took some time for me to talk to them, but this year I was immediately talking to all the new people. The new SHE/ LHE’s are good this year; they're all different, they have different personalities, but they're all funny and cool people to be around. You are able to talk to anybody here and feel fine if you've been talking to them for a while like this is a safe environment here. What I learned from this job is that you can not be scared to do anything here and also just to be you.

The black's creek squad 

Damani out, bye guys

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