Sunday, July 21, 2019

Fishy-Fishy Clean My Ocean


At my site, Piers Park, we caught way more fish than expected in the crab trap. We also caught a skate! They have faces and lips just like humans. On Tuesdays, we always go to Courageous Sailing in Charlestown. At Courageous this week we caught a lobster! Not large enough to be kept and eaten, though. The kids at Piers Park also had a snack & ice cream party. It was fun participating because the kids are so funny and full of energy.

  During my days being on the Harbor, sadly, I have seen many plastic bottles as an example of plastic pollution. Plastic pollution affects marine life because it’s harming the environment where these creatures' habitats are. Plastic is being consumed and killing off species when doing so. It’s like if our air quality was polluted. We would start dying off one by one because the quality of air is poor. The same thing with marine life--plastic isn't a part of their habitat and it can be pretty invasive. Being invasive starts with being unwanted. When this pollution is taking over and invading these areas, any life around it will be affected negatively.

  Plastic pollution can affect humans indirectly because lots of marine life is being consumed by a human on a daily basis. If there’s plastic in something we consume, then we consume plastic as well. Eating plastic is not something anyBODY or THING should be doing. I can help reduce pollution by not littering anymore and cleaning up after myself. I can pick up trash when I see it and clean up if something looks overpowered by junk. I would encourage my family to be more aware of their plastic disposal by simply getting them to understand this is where we live: we need it in good condition. If our rooms are dirty most people get uncomfortable, so how can we be comfortable in our environment without keeping up with it? The change starts within you.

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