Sunday, July 14, 2019

Pollution! Stop!


Yet another week flew by and I can't be any more grateful to have such an amazing job. This past week I was at Courageous Sailing on Tuesday. In the morning, the group of kids set to fish with us  caught crabs and added them to the touch tank. I got to watch as the kids came over to the touch tank and truly got to enjoy themselves while touching and picking up the crabs. For the rest of the week we were back in East Boston at Piers Park where we started the day playing games like sharks and minnows or everybody's it, and then we headed to the docks and began to fish. We caught some crabs in our crab trap and a few fish in the crab trap--some kids caught crabs on their hooks, and one kid even caught a skate!! Overall it was a good week and I can't wait 'til next week.

There are so many wonderful things the Harbor has to offer, and not just that, but it's also home to a variety of sea creatures. However, even though it's much cleaner, many people still pollute the Harbor. Perhaps we've found ways to minimize what enters the Harbor, but that doesn't mean that pollution has stopped happening. People still litter in the water: from the smallest piece of plastic to the biggest pieces of garbage. To some it just may seem like an insignificant issue but if it continues it could have even worse effects on the world. We all have to put in an effort and try to make a change. By this I mean we need to stop throwing things into the Harbor even if it a small little wrapper. The trash we throw in the Harbor isn't just gonna make the water dirty or harm the sea creatures but in the long run could end up affecting us. I recall being in my environmental class this past school year and I learned that pollutants can be passed on through food, for example, let's say you eat fish and this fish has been swimming in water polluted by micro-plastics and broken down garbage and they are consuming this. Then you consume these fish and these pollutants enter your diet; in the long run you could end up with a variety of diseases. This is why we must find ways to make the community aware of this issue and then brainstorm ideas on how to stop this issue. As for me, I try--even if it's not every day--I try to bring up this issue to my family and friends because they may not know and knowing could make a difference.

Until next time
-Jasmine Bolanos

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