Sunday, July 14, 2019

Plastic Pollution

Hi everyone!

We had another great week over at the Boston Children’s Museum! We had a couple more bass hooked on our lines and more spider crabs crawling into our trap. Our luck with the large striped bass continued and we ended up catching TWO more…one of them almost took the pole with him during our lunch break! However besides the cool sea life, we did catch a lot of trash as well. While we are out fishing in front of the museum if we ever see trash floating by, we make it a point to do our best to catch it! So far we have collected trash bags, juice pouches, and a lot of food wrappers. Our biggest find of all was an old, muddy chair that we spotted during low tide. Thankfully the next day Boston Line was out on a boat collecting trash and kindly got it out of the water for us!

Seeing this kind of pollution in the harbor isn’t a very pretty sight. We have one of the cleanest harbor’s here in Boston…yet we still see trash! The plastic in our waters is a huge problem not only for the critters who LIVE in it, but for us as well. As long as there is pollution, it means any seafood you consume will have plastics in them as well. So in the end, the pollutants we put in the water only come back to harm us! It is extremely important that we take the time to be conscious of where we throw things away and how we dispose of them. Recycling, cutting out the use of plastic bags or straws, and simply picking up trash when you see it are simple things we can all do to help the problem! So next time you are taking a nice walk on the beach, take a little time to pick up any litter you see, the friendly sea life below the surface will greatly appreciate it J

Sea you out there!
Brianna Malley

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