Wednesday, July 24, 2019

All the things to catch

Hello again!

This week was like no other. On Monday we got to go on an all staff kayaking trip where we got to pick up trash and kayak all day! I had such a fun experience and it made me think this job is really the only job that could give me this type of experience. It makes me very grateful to be a part of such a wonderful team. Kayaking on Boston Harbor in front of the Children's Museum has always been my dream because you can see everything. It was so fun especially since I got to be with my friends. I didn't see much trash but it seemed like a good amount was picked up by others when we got back to the dock.

On Tuesday we got the opportunity to go on The Belle with Courageous Sailing. It was extremely fun especially since we got to catch so many fish. We also got to pull up a lobster trap that contained so many green and spider crabs, and a lobster. It was crazy how many fish we caught, too—they really like the worm bait.. 
Me holding a spider crab we caught in the lobster trap

For the rest of the week we were at Piers Park, and since it was a new group of kids we got to teach them new facts about the ocean, such as how polluted our waters and land can get by humans! Boston Harbor’s Spectacle Island is literally made from trash! Trash from the Harbor was dumped here, but then they put it on fire and it burned for a whole decade! How is that even possible? 10 years is a long time. And all the trash that was piled on there was over 80 feet high. That's a lot of trash to occupy such a large piece of land.  But thank goodness Boston has found more efficient and healthier ways to get rid of trash since then.

We also caught a new interesting looking fish at Piers this week. Apparently it actually has a venomous exterior and we might've touched it without realizing it ...
Staff touching it before knowing it's actually dangerous to touch

Talk soon!

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