Thursday, July 11, 2019

Go Piers!!!

Piers Park
Hi it's Jasmine here again :) This past week I had the amazing opportunity to be at Piers Park in East Boston on Monday and Wednesday, and on Tuesday we were at Courageous Sailing. At Piers Park we had the opportunity to engage in some fun games with the kids, then after about an hour of this we moved to a tent to grab some life jackets before heading to the dock. Once on the dock we began to set up the fishing poles and set the crab and minnow traps. When the kids came down some chose to go sailing with their counselors while others automatically came to us and chose to fish and take their chances to try and catch something. Some kids caught crabs which we put in the touch tank and on one of the days the minnow trap caught two minnows which we also put in the touch tank. Then when we were at Courageous Sailing we also fished with the kids and later played some games. At this site the kids caught a lot of green crabs and one kid caught a fish egg sack. Two marine species we found were green crabs and minnows.

The Green crab:
A) It's binomial name is Carcinus maenas
B) 90mm long 210mm wide outside
C) They are native to the Northeast Ocean and Baltic Sea
D) Australia, South Africa, South America and the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North America
E) Feeds on Mollusks, worms, an small crustaceans
F) North America has introduced the Cancer Productus to control growing populations of the green crab

While our findings were little, we still had a great time helping the kids fish and playing games with them. At Piers we were even lucky enough to go kayaking with the campers. It was truly fun to be out on the water; it was so calm and peaceful.

I can't wait to be back at Piers this upcoming week, to make some more fun memories and maybe even catch some more crabs and maybe get lucky and catch a fish. But until then I'm going to enjoy some family time this fourth of July.

-Jasmine Bolanos

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