Sunday, July 14, 2019

Piers Park Adventures!

   Hey guys! For the second week at Piers Park/ Courageous, my team and I caught some more types of sea critters that roam the sea floors. On Monday it was quite a surprise to have caught a pregnant green crab. She had a protruding underbelly; the kids were also so amazed. I've never really seen a pregnant crab so it was a pretty interesting catch and we really got to examine her egg sack. The kids were also able to catch a lot of periwinkles, and the funny thing was that they would hum to to lure the periwinkles out of their shells. It was very cute and fun to join in with them.
Pregnant crab not wanting to be held

periwinkle getting lured out of its shell slowly

     At Courageous Sailing on Tuesday we caught a lobster in their lobster trap and it was my first time ever holding a lobster! It was pretty freaky the way its tail was so strong; it flaps to protect itself. And then on Wednesday we caught a pipe fish in the minnow trap; my first time ever seeing such a fish and it was so cool! On Thursday, we caught a skate and it really resembles a flounder the way it swims on its side except its top is very spiky but it was so cool to be able to see one too. I really enjoy being part of the Piers Park crew: the kids and the Piers Park staff are so nice and I enjoy the nature around us and the shade from the trees. 

     Plastic pollution is evident in these parts of the Harbor, as you can see many plastic bottles and cans floating on the surface. It saddens me to see it but really all we can do is always remind those to not litter and pick up as much trash as we can. Researchers have estimated that there will be more plastic pollution in the ocean than there will be fish by the year 2050. Massachusetts is one of the few states in the U.S. that is working to implement more bans on plastic bags. Plastic pollution not only affects sea life but also us humans as we consume the sea creatures that are accidentally consuming these plastic products. The United States needs to start creating a nation wide ban on producing anymore plastic, but of course it’s easier said than done. But anything helps and it’s always the baby steps that count. What we can do is limit our usage of plastic and to always recycle and use products that are eco friendly! To encourage family and friends, we have to always remind them about the precious life that we are destroying by simply using a straw or carelessly throwing a can into the water. Remind them it’s selfish to not care about the environment as we were never the ones born here first. We have to take care of this beautiful planet as it takes care of us.

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