Thursday, July 11, 2019

Back to the Harbor


I'm Kharliyah and this is my 4th summer on the harbor with STH! I am a rising Junior at MCLA where I study chemistry, up in the mountains. I grew up in Boston and have seen it transform to what it is now, a booming and bustling city. Now I get to take that energy and bring it to the docks of the Boston Harbor to be able to spread knowledge in a fun way to the youth of Boston. I am most excited  about returning to work with the youth from around the different neighborhoods of Boston and bring them together through fishing and crabbing. I love being able to teach them new things that I did not have access too while growing up in Boston. 

 I was very happy to meet the new staff and get to them a little over orientation week. I look forward to working with everyone and building new bonds. This week we learned about the history of Spectacle Island, which by the way still blows mine that the fire burned for 10 years. The transformation from a literal pile of trash to the beautiful island with a beach AND a nice city view, it really shows how we have the power to change anything. We spent the morning playing games, had lunch in the boathouse and wrapped up by taking a ferry ride back into town. My favorite part of the day was seeing familiar faces and becoming familiar with the new ones. 

As day two rolled around, there was a gloomy feeling in the air of approaching showers. This turned out to be just our lucky day, it was perfect for fishing. We hopped on the belle and made our way around the harbor finding fish. What was really exciting about this day was the different types of fish everyone was catching. We caught 6 types of fish! From Black Sea bass all the way to skates. Fun fact, they do not have a venomous spine in their tail, although very similar looking to a stingray. I have a knack for catching them. As the summer goes on, I will not hesitate to update on the skate count. I predict I can catch 5 in total this summer :) 

Summer 16

Best Wishes

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