Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Week 5 was inspiring

Hey y'all hope you guys are doing well,

    Week 5 was fun as always but also very inspiring. I love spending time with kids because it reminds me of me when I was younger and I also want to build a strong relationship with them to the point where I can be a role model and person they can trust. There was this one camper Nick at Blacks Creek who wanted me to be his baby sitter and I can tell he felt comfortable with me. My goal is to have kids be comfortable and able to feel like they can be themselves around me and anybody else because they will not be judged.
Maggie and Vanessa giving the campers a crab lesson 
   The hardest part of working with other people is communication. I have learned but still sometimes struggle with texting, calling and talking to my co-workers so we know we are on the same page. It's hard to do something well when you are not on the same page because you might accidentally do things wrong. For example, if you don't communicate where to be in the morning you might go to the wrong place at the wrong time and be late to the actual destination and get paid less, and you wouldn't want to mess up your money. Without communication, everything else would be so chaotic and so frustrating because everybody will be annoyed at each other for being clueless and doing the wrong thing over and over. I overcome these challenges by always asking questions and never being nervous or hesitant about texting my boss and trying to get every single detail I need to be successful and get on with my day.
Tessa teaching the campers the steps on how to correctly pick up a crab 
   The camper Nick, who asked me to be his babysitter, inspired me and made me feel good about what I was doing and how I was doing it. Nick made me feel good about myself and the impact I make on others treating them with the most respect in the world. Nick and I created such a strong bond where he knows he can step out his comfort zone and I won't judge him or say anything to make him feel like he isn't doing something right. There was another camper named Tommy who came in very shy and now the both of us have a good bond where whenever he sees me he comes to talk to me about what he did on the weekend and other things. I am glad to have impacted Tommy as well and helped him step out of his comfort zone. These moment has made me want to keep working with kids and keep trying to impact them.

The campers playing Gaga ball 

Crab ya later,
Che Hanks


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