Wednesday, July 24, 2019

A wave of fun

Hello again,

     This week we had a lot of amazing kids, games and other activities at our site. One of the most memorable was taking a seine net out into the water. We had to go fairly deep in the water and walk through nasty mud. We also played lots of games and explored the water each day.

Me and Maggie doing the seine net
     This summer we have been by many places on the Boston Harbor and the plastic pollution is pretty bad in some parts. I see water bottles and all types of drinks in the water that people are too lazy to put in a recycling bin.  Plastic pollution has affected many fish and has caused them to drown, starve, and suffocate, through ingestion and infection. Many fish have died and have been hurt because of people’s disrespect to the harbor and marine life.  The way I look at it is the fishes and other marine animals have done nothing to you, so why disrupt their home and their lives just because we are lazy and just throw all our trash into the water. The water is literally their home; it’s not like you would like it if someone went to your house or community and started throwing trash everywhere that could lead to extremely hurting the health of you or your family.
Me and the campers having a talk 
     Us humans are throwing so much trash into the water that it now is toxic to the animals and kills them. Now plastic pollution enters the food chain which even hurts human health. At the end of the day, we eat marine animals and if we’re hurting them and killing them we can’t eat them and some people can’t eat their favorite food. We do things without thinking of the outcomes and serious consequences that come with the actions we take.
Tessa let me borrow her fashionable water shoes

      I can help reduce the plastic pollution in the harbor by showing everybody the statistics and facts about what we have done to our water, the animals, and our health. We are just killing, time and time again. Once everybody recognizes the results of their actions, people will start to realize what they are doing and the mistake they are making allowing all this garbage to end up in the water.

     I can influence my family, friends, and strangers by telling them what they are doing straight up, not using “soft” words, just using words that get to straight to the point. We can tell them that their neglect to recycle is linked to marine animal deaths and also hurting their health.

Crab ya later,
Che Hanks

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