Monday, August 15, 2022

Another week at Piers Park!

     Piers Park is a beutiful place for anyone to just chill and relax because there are so many trees that can provide shade. A week at piers park is amazing because we first meet up at the park with our team and then we have morning games with the kids. Some of the games include tag, fishy fishy cross my ocean and more. After we are done playing games with the kids we head towards the dock where we set up the rods and pull up the crab trap for the kids. Then after break in the afternoon we either fish with the kids or we play more games and activities with the kids.

    At piers park you can encounter many creatures such as green crabs, spider crabs, and skate which are very common in our harbor. I worked at CHV before arriving to Piers Park and I would say we are catching less crabs than we did at CHV and we got a lot more wind at CHV maybe because we were at an island. It was a lot more exciting at CHV because we would have so many kids and way more fun activities with the children there because it was a day camp at an island.

See you at the harbor, Harry

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