Wednesday, August 10, 2022

First time ever at Camp Harbor View

 This marks the first week at my new sight camp harbor view (CHV) . It's a very fun sight to work at, for sure it is something that you have to get used to. All the staff and kids there are really fun to work with. They are definitely the reason why so many people go there. Tuesday was our first full day there we had to take a big boat to get there with all the campers and staff it was extremely hot throughout the week especially when you have barley and shade, but on the first day we got to go to orientation and play some fun icebreaker games to be able to learn all the new campers names and so that they could know who we were and what we're here to do it at chv which was to teach them how to fish and about ocean marine life and how it is affected by our everyday decisions and climate change. One thing that I like about this camp is that you get free food when your there so during the morning we get breakfast as a team and sometimes we’ll play some card games today or just talk and then we get good lunch and it hasn’t failed me yet so far then we usually take a boat back to Boston and that raps up our day as a whole.

Then on Wednesday and Thursday we got to meet some cool park rangers and we were able to go tide pooling with them which I have never done before so it was cool to have that be my first time. We all were able to find some cool things. I found some hermit crabs and some regular crabs that didn’t look like the regular green ones that we catch on a regular basis. They were yellow and green with spots all over them. While one group was fishing they were able to catch some cool spider crabs that happened to be pregnant because it is mating season so the eggs are red and there are millions of them. We found like three pregnant crabs that day that the kids got to see and even one camper caught a skate that day it kinda looked like a stingray. Then on Thursday it was a pretty chill day. We got to experience the camp harbor views talent show we’re majority of the staff performed for the campers which was very entertaining and exciting to be there and experience that. 

On Friday we got to do a staff day where we took the belle boat out to peddocks island and we went swimming. The water was very refreshing and we played some games especially football where we would just toss it around. Then some people went to explore the abandoned building or to go fishing or even check out the fresh water salt marshes and then on Sunday I got to work at the seafood festival it was actually really fun I liked all the people that were there and it was an easy event to work at me and see did tickets at the front then sea shell paintings. A lot of us got spray paint tattoos as well and there was a lot of good food all around to eat there I would definitely do it again. That concludes my week at STH.

See you on the harbor, Keiana 

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