Tuesday, August 9, 2022

BCM Week every week

 Hello everyone! This was the first week at my new site at the children's museum and it is quite a change from All Access. It's always great to meet some new people that I haven't talked to yet in Save The Harbor because it gives a new refreshing sensation to it all. On Mondays, we have a group of kids to teach fishing and play games with. Tuesdays - Thursdays, we set up outside of the Boston Children's museum for anyone who wants to try fishing. It gives everyone in public an experience of fishing all for free, which is what I like the most. 

Interactions with the people who stop by to fish are one of the bests experiences working at Save The Harbor. I have mentioned this previously but I really enjoy these interactions, whether I'm playing games with kids or just having conversations while they are fishing. A lot of times there are kids who already know how to fish and we just talk about their joys of fishing along with what else they want to do. A lot of the time these kids who already have an interest in fishing are usually influenced by the rest of us and what we do. A handful of them say how they would like to work at Save The Harbor when they are older and that it really makes me lighten up inside seeing the kids so enthusiastic and adamant about something like that. 

One example of these interactions happened on a fishing trip and this interaction I will never forget. On the boat, I got to know a little boy by the name of Elijah and worked as his fishing buddy. He was a very good-hearted young man, and I could tell that fishing was his true love. I had been telling him all along that he would be the first person to catch a fish on this boat, and sure enough, he was. It was one of my favorite moments because I could see how excited he was when he pulled it up. He referred to me as his lucky charm and even requested a photo afterward. These interactions are what make these excursions worth it. I look forward to making more of these interactions and as always, I'll see you by the harbor.

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