Monday, August 15, 2022

Barniback and Fireclaw

     Hello sea scavengers! This week at piers park we pulled up lots of crabs in the crab trap. Not too many large spider crabs but lots of green crabs for the kids to be excited for. At Courageous on Tuesday the campers named the two green crabs Fred and Charlie if I remember right. And on Monday the campers at Piers Park names two of the green crabs Barniback (due to obvious reasons), and Fireclaw (due to one of it’s front pinchers being about half the size as the other one).

        On Thursday parts of Save the Harbor also went to the Youth Summit at the Fredrick Law Olmsted Historic Site where we got to meet lots of teens from other public service Boston summer jobs. I talked to a few Mayors Mural Crew people and they were really cool. Mayors Mural Crew presented about how they built chairs for the Emerald Necklace to commemorate Olmsted. We couldn’t say exactly what we do every day to the big group since every location is different but I can talk specifically about Piers Park. A typical week at Piers park consists of showing and playing everyone’s it or fishy fishy cross my ocean on the grass with the kids (aged 5-9), then being at the dock fishing and crabbing with them till lunch time. The kids also get to go on sail boats, kayaks, and paddle boards, while we’re on the dock with them. After lunch we play with them on the grass then some days do a fun game like jeopardy on the white board. Then for another hour we do activities on the dock which they’re very excited for. Then that day repeats till friday!

        Overall Piers Park is truly a lot of fun. The kids really enjoy all the time with the touch tank and playing the lawn games with us, and so do I. Playing the games/lessons with them on the white boards is my favorite part, all the kids get very competitive and have a lot of fun figuring out the facts or understanding the part of the game. This has been quite a short summer, but you know what they say… time flies when your having fun. I only have one week left but I sure will have fun.

Sea you on the harbor


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