Monday, August 1, 2022

CHV and All the Amazing Moments

CHV was the closest I have ever been to camping because when I was little I never got to experience something that the kids here got to experience. One of my favorite things about CHV was the staff members working at the camp itself because everyone I met there was amazing and fun to be around. While working there I got to teach many kids how to fish and learn about their interests, names, etc.

One of my favorite things at CHV was the hustle because we got to chill and watch everyone at the camp be together and have fun, There was biking, rock climbing, sailing, and much more at the hustle which just made it even more fun. Another day that I really liked was when we had a talent show because it was so fun to watch the other stuff just have fun and entertain the kids with their skills. Paddleboarding was definitely one of my top favorite parts of this site because not only was it my first time it was just really enjoyable since I was with my coworkers who are amazing to be around.
I really wished it didn't have to end so soon, but I am very happy it even happened in the first place because this will be something I will not forget. If you are able to I would suggest joining CHV and if your able to become a worker there because it seems like an amazing summer job to have.

Thank you See you at the harbor,

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