Saturday, August 6, 2022

First Week in CHV


The first week on CHV was really fun and exciting for me and my peers. I got to see different fishes and crabs that I wouldn't have seen in all access. The energy in camp harbor view is unmatched we get to see talent shows and see groups yelling inside of the cafeteria which was pretty annoying at first but now starting to get use to the hostility. We get to fish with the same kids so hopefully we can start building different friendships soon with the kids and counselors. 

The energy in CHV is nothing like I have ever seen because they would have different competitions including which group can yell the loudest and you see people standing on tables. You would see them jumping off their seats and there is nothing like it. When the kids and counselors are matching each others energy it is an amazing thing to see. Also being with a new team and being in a new environment is always scary at first but once we started to work together it was like we already knew each other.

Meeting new people and being around different environments is always fun for me because we can experience new things and cherish them. It's always fun and exciting to be in CHV because of the diversity they're especially in the camps. Getting to learn the different type of cultures at CHV and seeing the different parts of the island. Can't wait for another fun week in CHV and excited to get to learn more about the island.

From Simon

See Ya at the harbor!!

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