Sunday, August 14, 2022

The Wild Adventure at CHV

 Week two at CHV was an amazing experience and this is truly the best site I have ever been apart of. The kids and the counselors at CHV are all great people. They would have different contests and it's always fun to watch the kids compete in different activities. During the fishing activities, the kids are always excited to fish with us and it's cool seeing them catch fishes that I have never seen before. Even when the kids get impatient our team does a great job to keep the kids engaged. I'm very proud of how close our team have gotten over the past 2 weeks and very grateful to be apart of a great group.

The community in CHV is very diverse so I can really be myself whenever I go there. Seeing people from other cultures and races only makes the community more welcoming for all people. Being at CHV saves me a lot of money because they would serve breakfast and lunch every day of the week. At first, I never thought the food will be good but it ended up tasting very good. They never make the same food twice it is always different and thats one of the main reasons I had enjoyed CHV so far. 

These past couple of weeks of CHV been one of the best times and experiences I had in a while. But unfortunately summer is coming to the end but that doesn't mean to stop having good times with our team. There is only two weeks left of summer but knowing our team we will take advantage of the time we have together instead of being down. I hope the next two weeks be the best times we have this summer and really take advantage of the small amount of  time we have together. 

See ya at the harbor
From Simon 

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