Monday, August 15, 2022

Week 6 another blast at piers park

Hey fishies , it's Ché again and it’s weeeeeeeeeeek 6 and another week of awesomeness. Every week is just super fun, we go play with kids for about 35 min , we usually only play fishy fishy cross my ocean or everybody’s it. The kids love teaming up in everybody’s eat and try to get the staff. After we play we go get our life jackets and set up the dock and make sure it’s ready for the kids to go fish and play at the touch tank. The kids love the crabs as soon as they come they run straight for the touch tank and see if there are crabs . If not , they will go with Fatima or whoever is in charge of the crab trap and go pick it up with them. After the kids are done looking at the crabs they go fishing and they love fishing. They sit there patiently and wait for a tug. We repeat this cycle in the afternoon as well. This is pretty much a day to day schedule.

We usually serve 5-8 year olds which is good and very fun because they don’t know as much so you have to teach them and they are so curious about the animals and what they are. The kids treat these crabs as if it’s one of their own pets which is very nice , they make sure they are safe, protected and comfortable. They even name the crabs after how they act like for example they name crabs feisty , wiggly, etc.

The most common creatures at this sight is either Rock crabs or green crabs , it’s honestly all we really catch. But when we catch the crabs we teach them how to tell if it’s a boy or girl , but since it’s week 6 they kind of picked it up and now they can tell which is which. The green crabs are usually the fiesty ones and the ones that don’t want to get picked up. But overall piers park is awesome. 

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