Monday, August 8, 2022

My Interactions with Peers Park

Hey harbor people, it's Giacomo back again for another blog. This week's blog is about my interactions with different people during my first at our new site. My new site was Piers Park with my S.H.E Fatima and L.H.E Aleena. 

Going into my first week at Piers Park I was kind of nervous because I wasn't going to be with my normal group of people that I was used to. When I got there I was welcomed by Fatima and just with my first interaction with her I could tell she was a cool leader and someone I could find myself working well with. After leaving All Access I thought I would be doing something else besides fishing and crab trap but thankfully they do almost the same thing here. During that first day I got to introduce myself to the rest of the group and got to start getting to know my fellow JPA’s. During my lunch break I got to go out and get food with Harry and I got to know him very well.  

Overall for my first week it was really chill and I happen to actually really enjoy the new site I'm working at more than I thought. For the first week, most days we did our usual fishing with the kids and showing them what we caught in the crab trap. Luckily, on Tuesday we were able to go on a fishing trip with Courageous Sailing and got to see some of my co-workers from there (I use to go to Courageous for a coulple years) which was really cool. My interactions with the new kids, peers, and higher ups in my first week were overall positive and I can say I'm happy with it. See everyone on the harbor. -Giacomo
fishing trip lobster
asian short grab with some of our green crab “friends”

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