Thursday, August 4, 2022

Week Two: History Lesson Of The Harbor

Hello harbor enthusiasts! I’m back here with my second blog of the summer with Save The Harbor. During my second week I've started to learn a lot more information about Spectacle Island and Georges Island. So far I've definitely learned more about Spectacle than I have about George's but I've been able to go through the fortress on George's and got to explore which really excited me. So far during my second week I can definitely say I've learned a good bit of information about both islands that I didn’t know before.

So far from what I’ve been told is that the harbor was absolutely gross. Personally I can not say that as a fact considering that I was not alive or was way too young to remember but from what David has told me and multiple history lessons the harbor was absolutely disgusting. The harbor was so bad that people who worked on the harbor had to get tetanus shots because it was required. David told us about how the harbor was completely infested with trash to the point you couldn’t even see whatever was just trash and to me that sounds absolutely ridiculous. 

Out of the two islands I've been to, I don't think I'm able to pick a favorite due to the fact I like them both for completely different reasons. Spectacle is awesome because you're able to go around and swim at the beach when you get too hot or go walk around the island and see the views. The fishing spot on the pier is a lot better then the one at George’s. On the other hand, George's is cool because I find the fort really fascinating and believe the history behind it is just as cool. 

During this week I have found it truly fascinating to learn about all the different things about both islands like how spectacle was a flaming pile of garbage for almost 10 years and how the people had to sue the city of Boston to clean up the harbor ( this is how deer island came into place(“big white dinosaur eggs” -David). and how on George’s island the stories about the lady in black and how even before the fortress was completed it was already outdated by the naval ships. 

Very excited to see everyone on the harbor,


Spectacle Island from the boat

alex stuck in the oven at George’s Island fort 

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