Monday, August 15, 2022

Week 6: Our Typical (and Atypical) Time at Camp Harbor View

The old lighthouse on a hill across from the sports field.

CHV has a beautiful view of Boston Harbor.

Out of the sites that I have worked at this summer, Camp Harbor View has definitely been my favorite. How lucky I am to be working at it! Although I'm not actually a camper, working around campers reminds me of how much fun I used to have at summer camp. One part of it is that there is chanting. A whole lot of chanting. Right before meals, there is a contest to see which Lighthouse can be the loudest, as they will get to eat first. The Lighthouses are simply the five main groups that the campers are split into.

Camp Harbor View is on Long Island, although it only takes up a small part of the island. It has a large sports field in front of a collection of buildings that house most of the activities, as well as a dining hall. On the shore down by the dining hall, there is a rocky beach where we sometimes take campers tide pooling. The pier that we fish off of is on the other side of the field. It’s also super sunny most of the time, which can be a blessing or a curse depending on how hot it is—there isn’t too much shade on the pier!

In any given week at Camp Harbor View, we do a whole lot of fishing and catch a whole lot of crabs. Well, the campers do anyways. Save the Harbor/Save the Bay is considered a program partner of CHV, so our job is to teach the campers how to fish. We also get breakfast and lunch for free at the dining hall, which is super lovely. And on Fridays, there is typically some kind of special event, like a staff talent show! However, our schedule this week was pretty unusual, as some campers tested positive for COVID and CHV was closed for two days as a precaution. I’m glad they did that, and during those two days we joined All Access Boston Harbor Instead. I appreciate getting experience at another site that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Talk to you all next week!


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