Sunday, August 14, 2022

Week 5: My Final Blog

 Hey all, Sid here. This week was another one pretty standard week at All Access, along with a few events that happened. Unfortunately, this will be the last blog I do, since I'll be going to India next week on Thursday. I'm looking forward to going there, but I'll also miss this job a little. On Monday, I was at Piers Park, where we helped some kids fish on a dock. It was extremly hot there, and it didn't help that the dock was compltely metal.

On Tuesday, our group went on a fishing trip with a family, and we were able to catch a ton of fish. I think our total was 3 blue perch and 2 black bass; we may have caught others but I can't really remember.


On Wednesday we went to Spectacle once again, and it was a pretty regular day. It was actually a little chilly, which was a massive change from the previous days. At Spectacle, we did the usual fishing and helping kids.

On Thursday, we went to a youth summit, where I got to meet and talk to a bunch of other youth groups that are working in Boston. It was really interesting to learn about all of these other organizations. Some examples were The Mayor's Mural Crew, Stewards of the Future, and the Storytellers in Parks. I got to learn a lot. Finally, on Friday, my group went to Constitution Beach for the Maritime Festival. We ran a touch tank, and it was a pretty short event. 

So that was my Week 5. This is my final blog so maybe I'll come back next summer. I'm still not sure but, until next time

- Sid

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