Monday, August 1, 2022

Children's Museum: New Team Incoming!

 Hey y'all!

The end of the first month of programming means that teams are getting switched up and JPAs are getting sent to new locations. As an LHE, I'll still be hanging out at the Children's Museum Tuesday through Thursday, but Caroline and I will have a new group of staff with us. While I'm excited to get to know more of my coworkers, I'll miss my team from July. We had a great time trying to draw visitors towards our tent by showing off our green crabs (or occasionally a spider crab).

Team Caroline leaving their last day at the North End

The Children's Museum team is actually only outside the museum on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Mondays and Fridays are dedicated to working with camp kids at Atlantic Wharf and the North End. At the museum, we usually don't have designated groups coming to visit us; we have to invite people over for free fishing and touch tanks. A lot of people are surprised to find out that we're free, despite advertising it on our whiteboard and in chalk on the boardwalk. Aidan was by far the best in our group at drawing people in and it was always a fun time watching him offer up a green crab to passerby.

Baby crab!

At our locations, we catch fish very rarely. The only fish we've drawn up have been tiny flatfish in our crab traps. But catching crabs has been super successful lately, with us reeling in a wide variety of green crabs and even a few spider crabs. The other day we were able to get two baby green crabs, and on a different day we got two small spider crabs! On Friday at the North End, the camp we were with reeled up a total of 12 green crabs, the most we've ever gotten in a day. Even better than catching a crab is seeing how excited the kids get when they're able to reel in a crab. While it would be nice to see a new site, I'm glad to be staying at Children's and with the camps for the rest of my time working over the summer.

Peace out y'all :)


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