Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Week 6: Covid Strikes CHV

Evidently COVID is still a thing, because this past week a few kids at CHV got it, and the entire camp was shut down for the next few days. What that meant for us, besides a lot of hasty nose-swabbing, was that we got sent out on All-Access trips to Spectacle Island instead. It wasn't all bad news though. The weather has been nice and cool since the heatwave passed, so it was a lot more enjoyable than usual being on the concrete pier where we usually set up the fishing rods and crab touch tank. Madison and lot of campers had fun decorating the walkway a bunch of colorful chalk drawings. 

One of the highlights of my short week was hanging at the fishing station and talking to the campers. I got into a heated debate with my new friends Jason and Kevin from Idiil Braintree over potato chip brands. They didn't catch more than a single crab in fifteen minutes of standing around, but I'm pretty sure I convinced them that Ruffles are better than both Lays and Pringles. At the very least, we could all agree that Cheez-It Puffs are gross - they need to stay in their lane.

I also had a lot of fun exploring the island and trying to identify some of the plant and animal species I saw. Usually we close down the fishing and touch tank stations half an hour before the boat leaves, which gives you a bit of time to look around on your own. With the help of a species identification key, I was able to spot Milkweed, Purple Loosestrife, and a herring gull picking away at a rotting crab carcass with a bunch of flies around it. Nature is beautiful, huh.

 See you all in the next one!

- Alex Messier


View from the South Drumlin on Spectacle

Purple Loosestrife

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