Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Week 4: Benevolent Bye to BCM

This past week was my last week at the Boston Children’s Museum, and it was pretty fun! It was also quite a busy week. We interacted with a lot of people and caught a lot of crabs. Mercifully, the weather was cooler this week than it has been previously. Perhaps it was the temperature that helped us catch so many critters?

Working at the Boston Children’s Museum has definitely been an exercise in being confident and outgoing. If we want to engage people with the harbor, we have to prompt them to do so. While there are plenty of people who aren’t interested, there are still a good amount of people who are. And some of those folks have been a lot of fun to interact with! For example, we talked to a lot of people who were traveling to Boston. We’ve had folks from Louisiana, Ottawa, Ireland, and more! Not only is it fun to talk to people from other places, it’s great to know that Save the Harbor/Save the Bay can have such a wide impact.

As someone who loves biology and ecology, specifically with regards to animals, catching and observing animals was one of my favorite parts of the site. It was especially exciting when we caught animals other than green crabs. The three fish we caught were most exciting, along with a spider crab who was carrying eggs! Two of the fish we caught were very small flatfish. Catching and observing these animals leaves me with a lot of questions about their biology and environment. Why did we only catch small flatfish? When will the spider crab release her eggs? I hope that I will be able to explore these questions more at my next site.

Talk to you next week!


A group photo with a striper at the office.

Bobilius the bucket was very helpful when it came to changing the water in the touch tank.


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