Sunday, August 21, 2022

Goodbye Summer

 Hey y'all!

This past week has been my final week at Save the Harbor; I'm currently blogging from my dorm room in Pennsylvania. I'll be trading in crabs and skate for dogs and cows. I'm super excited for my upcoming semester, but I am sad to leave Boston and this amazing job behind. It's been an incredible summer of fishing, crabbing, and chatting with my coworkers under our Save the Harbor tent.

Erik and Lauren pulling up a skate!

I have to say, the first part of the summer at the Boston Children's Museum was pretty uneventful in terms of our catches. The most exciting thing we caught were spider crabs and we rarely pulled anything up on our fishing lines. But it seems like our luck changed as soon as I left to visit family up in the Midwest. In the week or so I was gone, my team caught three skate and hooked a striped bass (though that one escaped before we could get it all the way up). The first day I was back, we caught another skate and over 200 people stopped by our tent to check it out! I've never seen that many people come to visit us before. It was a super hectic day, but very rewarding.

The legendary fishing cart

My last day of the summer very conveniently coincided with the last day of BCM programming, so at the end of work we had to bring our supplies back to the office from the museum. In the first half of the summer, we were very fortunate to find an empty, abandoned shopping cart next to our setup area and we quickly claimed it to wheel stuff to and from the museum garage every day. On the last day, we stocked it with everything we had, not including our tent and four fishing rods but including a bunch of sand rakes that had been left there for some reason, and I wheeled it through the Seaport all the way back to the office. Overall, I'd say it was a very successful last day.

Peace out y'all :)


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