Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The new crew at CHV

 Hey everyone! 

It's Madison your LHE at CHV back on here to talk about my team at CHV! This week we started a new team at CHV and I am so excited! This group has really started to get the ropes of how CHV! I have seen each of my team members engage with the kids and even staff at CHV in the best ways without having to be asked to do so! SO props to you all! 

This week Alex and Henry helped a camper pull up a skate! It was fantastic to see the excitement not only on their faces but also on the CHV camper's face! I then stepped in to help them un-hook the skate which allowed us to work fully as a team! 

At CHV we have become good friends with the staff which is so great! It has been great to see our new staff members also create a relationship with our friends out there! It makes the time at camp even more fun! There is one staff member at CHV who is the staff member that leads the kids to fishing club. It has been awesome to see him understand what we teach at fishing club and even jump into teach kids himself. This is super rewarding because our mission is to create a domino effect through our education and encourage all those we teach to go out and teach themselves! This staff member is the perfect example that what we are doing is making a difference!

This is my first summer with Save the Harbor. I have had such an amazing experience and I really want to lend that to my amazing SHE Jaelynne. She is such a great leader to the JPAS but also a great role model for me. I think we work super well as a team and have kept our staff engaged all summer long. She constantly is teaching me but also allowing me to step in and teach too! I am so grateful to have been her LHE this summer and hope that one day I can be as great as an SHE as she is! 

Overall it has been another great week at CHV and I am so sad for the summer to be over. But for now we will continue to have a great time saving the harbor!

See you next week on the water, 

Madison Murphy 

CHV camper that caught a skate!

My awesome SHE Jaelynne and I holding a huge spider crab!

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